Northern England Strategic Clinical Networks

Prevention, Awareness and Diagnosis

Currently, Northern England has some of the highest rates of premature death in England for big killers like cancer and heart disease.

There are also significant inequalities between different communities within Northern England. People living in deprived communities are more likely to experience high levels of smoking, drinking alcohol excessively and poor diet resulting in 20,000 premature deaths per year across the region.

Clinicians from many different specialities in Northern England have recognised this challenge and have identified Prevention, Awareness and Early Diagnosis as a priority across several conditions in order to improve the health of our populations. This common theme aims to promote healthy lifestyle choices, help people recognise the symptoms of illnesses and improve the links between primary and secondary care to support the health system to diagnose and treat people early to prevent the condition deteriorating.


Collaboration Between the Experts

Northern England Strategic Clinical Network and Public Health England North East (PHE NE) have identified priority areas of prevention which will benefit from a joint approach between clinicians and public health experts.

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