Northern England Strategic Clinical Networks

Other Networks

Working alongside the four Strategic Clinical Networks are a number of other networks.

The Operational Delivery Networks (ODN’s) were introduced in 2012 and compliment the Strategic Clinical Networks, covering areas such as neonatal intensive care, adult critical care, burns and trauma. There are also several local networks including Learning Disabilities, liver and CFS/ME.

These ODN’s and local networks will focus on co-ordinating patient pathways between providers over a wide area to ensure access to specialist support and expertise.  Working closely with Strategic Clinical Networks, commissioners, providers and patients, these complimentary Networks will ensure the delivery of safe and effective services across the patient pathway and help secure the best outcome for patients.

Our aspiration is to fully align and focus the activities of strong clinical networks covering the three million people living in the North East, North Cumbria and North Yorkshire. This includes the urban conurbations around the rivers Tyne, Wear and Tees, alongside the more dispersed, largely rural communities of Northumberland, North Cumbria, Durham and the northern edge of Yorkshire who turn to these centres for much of their specialist care.

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