Northern England Strategic Clinical Networks

Patient and Public Voice

Our vision is to listen to and involve patients, public and carers so we can understand how we can best serve their needs and fulfil our commitment to ‘put patients at the heart of everything we do’.

A Patient and Public Voice (PPV) Strategy has been developed to ensure that the Northern England Strategic Clinical Networks and Senate:

  • Place the patient at the centre of everything we do
  • Promote a culture of meaningful engagement at all levels of the Networks and Senate
  • Support the delivery of our vision, values and objectives
  • Is underpinned by partnerships with key stakeholders

Fundamental to this approach is the development of an “Engagement Bank” called Your NHS, Your Voice.  Our intention is to build on current relationships with local people and organisations that have experience of Patient, Public, Engagement and Involvement and whom we can call on to inform our work plans via their links and connections.

For more information please contact us on

or Tel: 011382 53316 / 011382 52964