Northern England Strategic Clinical Networks

Cancer – Network Service User Partnership Group

The Network Service User Partnership Group (NSUPG) contributes to the continuous improvement of the patient and carer experience of cancer services and ensures that effective service user involvement underpins work to improve the experience of services across the network.

The NSUPG is a group of people who have been affected by cancer in some way, either as a patient or carer, friend or relative and who use their experiences to help shape new cancer services and improve on existing services. In order to improve services it is important to seek the views of those who have experienced the pathway or journey.

The group’s current membership includes representatives from third sector organisations such as Macmillan, Prostate Cancer UK and Fighting All Cancers Together (FACT). Future membership may include representation from other PPI agencies.

Macmillan Patient Experience Project

Toolkit for Local Cancer Service User Groups


This toolkit is intended to be used by Local Cancer Service User Groups, who are usually small groups of volunteers. The intention is to provide practical guidance and tools that will help ensure good governance and effective working with the groups, without being over-complicated.

It is intended to be used as a “how to” reference document by both existing groups and members, as well as giving an overview for new groups and members.

About the Toolkit


Section 1: Governance

Section 2: Recruitment

Section 3: Communications

Section 4: Engagement

Section 5: Accessing Public Data – There is now a requirement for all public services, including NHS and health care services, to be more transparent. This means that there is lots of data available to members of the public and from many different sources. In addition, data is presented in many different ways which makes it difficult to understand and make comparisons. Linda Wintersgill, Information & Outcomes Manager for the Northern England Clinical Networks prepared the slides in this section which give an overview of the most common data websites.

Appendix 1: Governance Documents

Appendix 2: Stakeholder Mapping Tools