Northern England Strategic Clinical Networks

Cardiovascular – Northern England Third Sector Coalition Group

The Northern England Third Sector Coalition Group (NETSCG) was set up in September 2013 as a joint network between Northern England Strategic Clinical Networks (NESCN) and third sector organisations with a CVD remit to provide a single forum for partnership working. The NETSCG is how NSCN discharges its patient and public voice, involvement and experience to CVD network groups to ensure that this is formally represented.

The purpose of the group is to provide a forum where Third Sector representatives and the Strategic Clinical Network can discuss issues of mutual interest to influence patient outcomes. To ensure that everyone’s time is used efficiently and maximise potential benefit for patients the NETSCG is tasked with using its knowledge and intelligence on the sector in Northern England to engage with patient, public and groups to ensure their voices are heard. Their aim is to develop joint working initiatives which are mutually beneficial and contribute to improved patient care in CVD.

As a network we also work in partnership with other organisations which link with patients and public such as:

  • Healthwatch
  • Local Voluntary Care Sector (VCS) infrastructure